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Company profile

China Tablet Press Co., Ltd is a member of Chinese pharmaceutical machinery industry association. Founded in 1988, the company introduced a team of well-qualified technnical development engineers, preparation process engineers, other technology talents and plenty of pharmaceutical instruments. Our company is mainly engaged in the development, research and production of all kinds of pharmaceutical equipments in line with GMP's requirements, such as pharmaceutical machineries, mixers, dry granulation machines, ZP series experimental, rotary and hydraulic tablet presses, YK series pellet machines, rotary core machines, enclosed sugarcoating machines, double cone rotary vacuum dryers and efficient industrial powder suction machines etc.


According to the customers' special production requirements, our company also can provide non-standard pharmaceutical equipments and machinery parts. Our products are widely used in pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical and foodstuff trades and sold all over the country. Some products have entered the overseas market, well trusted and praised by the users. We are sincerely looking forward to your visit and purchasing.

To learn more information about small tablet presses, high-speed tablet presses and the price, you can contact the customer service staff.