200g Chlorine Tablets, 200g TCCA Tablets, 200g SDIC Tablets Production Equipment

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ZPS100-10C Tablet Press Machine for Producing 200g Chlorine Tablets,  200g TCCA Tablets, 200g SDIC Tablets

ZPS100-10C Tablet Press Machine is suitable for producing chlorine tablets, TCCA tablets, SDIC tablets, etc. The max pressure of ZPS100-10C is 1000KN. Its max production capacity is 6000 pcs/h.

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ZPS100-10C Tablet Press is a rotary continuous tablet press. ZPS100-10C Large Rotary Tablet Press is mainly used to press the big-diameter TCCA disinfection tablets, such as sodium dichloro different cyanuric acid tablets, trichloroisocyanuric acid tablets. ZPS100-10C Large Rotary Tablet Press can also be used to press chemical, electronics, medicine, foodstuff, ceramic granule and powder materials. By changing the moulds, ZPS100-10C Rotary Tablet Press also can press annular, spherical and various shaped tablets, but ZPS100-10C Tablet Press is not suitable for the wet, sticky materials.

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