• ZPS27D Candy Tablet Press (Milk Tablet Press)

    milk Tablet Press is specially developed for producing candies, fruit tablets with middle holes, dried milk tablets and so on.

    2015/08/24 milk 322111227

  • Tablet Press Special for Shisha Charcoal/Arabic Hookah Charcoal

    The tablet press special for shisha charcoal (Arabic hookah charcoal) is a special tablet press designed and improved by our company on the basis of the original anti-corrosion tablet press to produce 33mm shisha charcoal and 40mm shisha charcoal.

    2014/08/30 Arabic hookah charcoal Tablet press 8776669

  • Tablet Press Machine of Dishwasher Tablet

    The special tablet press for dishwasher tablet currently put into production can produce square dishwasher tablet , rectangular dishwasher tablet, and three-layer dishwasher tablet.

    2014/05/30 tablet press machine 53213228

  • Double-layer Tablet(Double-layer Candy)Forming Machine

    Double-layer Tablet Press is an automatic rotary tablet press with double pressure,which has a high output,stable performance and convenient operation method and is the ideal tablet press for producing double-layer tablets,double-layer candies and so on.

    2012/08/30 Candy Tablet Press 2147483647

  • Annular Tablet (annular candy) Production Machine

    ZPS27B Annular Tablet Press is an automatic rotary tablet press with double pressure,which has a high output and excellent performance.

    2011/08/17 ZPS 2147483647

  • Veterinary Drugs Production Equipment: ZPS58-11 Tablet Press

    ZPS58-11 Tablet Press is a newly-developed tablet press machine for veterinary drug enterprises. The machine has fast production speed. It is capable of producing 5940 pieces of tablets per hour.

    2011/01/17 ZPS38-18 3818674

  • High-speed Salt Block Tablet Press

    our company has developed a high-speed and high-precision salt block tablet press ZPS28-21F, with a pressure of 200kn and a power of 11kw. It can produce 50,000 salt blocks of a diameter of 12-30mm per hour.

    2009/08/30 Tablet press 4222227

  • Dishwasher Tablet Tablet Press

    Our factory owns the tablet press specialized in all kinds of dishwasher tablet. In addition, we can provide the whole production line of dishwasher tablet, including mixer, feeder, tablet press, manipulator, packing machine.

    2009/08/30 Candy Tablet Press 54654119

  • Gastrodia Elata Tablets Production Equipment: ZPS35D Tablet Press

    ZPS35D tablet press' working pressure is 80KN. It is capable of producing 134000 pieces of tablets per hour. ZPS35D can press round, square, annular tablets and tablets with logos.

    2007/08/17 ZPS35 3568792