• Oolong Tea Tablet Press

    For example, block-shaped Pu'er and oolong are always seen in the market. We have tablet press specialized in pressing tea block.

    2006/08/13 Tea Tablet Press 655556

  • Notoginseng Powder Tablet Press

    Notoginseng tablets are mainly used for curing traumatic hemorrhage, swelling and pain. Our company has several tablet press machines which can be used to press notoginseng powder into notoginseng tablets.

    2006/06/17 2021ZPS 7686757

  • Milk Tablet Production Machine

    ZPS29C Milk Tablet Press is an automatic rotary tablet press with double pressure,specially designed for milk tablet production.It adopts frequency control, which is easy to operate,stable, safe and reliable.

    2005/08/19 ZPSMilk 6666673

  • Candy Tablet Press (Milk Tablet Press)

    Candy Tablet Press (milk Tablet Press) is specially developed for producing candies, fruit tablets with middle holes, dried milk tablets and so on.

    2001/08/30 milk Tablet Press 2147483647

  • Cat Litter Production Equipment: SETS-100 Screw Extrusion Granulator

    Materials are compacted by screw element and conveyed to the granulation head. Then the materials are extruded from the mould plate and formed into granules.

    2001/05/17 Cat 955450

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